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Welcome to Fort Caroline Archery Club

that promotes the sport of archery for both recreation and competition.

Fort Caroline Archery Club endorses a friendly, respectful, goal oriented environment for growth as a human and an athlete.

Mission Statement


We are a member-funded & managed club open for all ages with the sole purpose of providing a welcoming place for all skill-level archers to practice and promote the art and sport of archery. Our goal is to provide a clean safe place that people of all ages and interest can come out and enjoy archery. .

We believe that:

All forms of archery should be accepted & respected.

Providing a proper and safe environment to practice and learn archery is the best approach to promote & introduce the sport of Archery.

Competition is fundamental to the sport of Archery.

Shooting for fun to excel or for life, archery is a sport for all ages.

Junior archers are key for the sustainability of our club & the future of Archery.

Developing and maintaining an adequate volunteer base is key to support club operations.

11678 Fort Caroline Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32225
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Please don't litter, no one wants to see trash in the woods. 

If you take it in... take it out.


>> Compound and Traditional Archers Welcome, No Crossbows Allowed <<


Members are reminded per the Fort Caroline Archery Club Membership Guidelines:


 Hunting is not permitted on any portion of the club facilities,

nor shall anyone shoot any live animal or bird for sport or target practice


 Members are responsible for closing and locking the club’s access gate

when they are the last person to leave the facilities, regardless of the time of day.


  Members and guests shall not move any target or remove or replace any target face

without permission from a club officer.


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