• 3D Season starts in January!  Please join our meeting in November to discuss our calendar of events for 2021

  • Due to Vandalism, we have removed all 3D Targets from our Broadhead Range and will NOT replace them.

  • A Work Party will be scheduled during our November meeting for some time in December.    

  • Locks have been changed.  If you have not renewed your membership, you probably don't have the current lock combination.  If you are on property without your new membership badge (yellow) in full display you will be asked to renew your membership or leave the property.  Thank you for your cooperation.

  • All Facilities are currently open to current members at Fort Caroline Archery Club.  If you cannot open the lock, you may need to renew your membership...

  • Although we are currently open to all members, please remember to follow government issued mandates and suggestions including, but not limited to:

    • Social Distancing Required​

    • No Group Activities (groups are 10 or more people)

    • Face Mask use is currently required indoors in Duval County

    • Club Use is "At Your Own Risk"

  •  Important!  If you see a dead tree on property, standing or on the ground, please let us know where it is.  Firewood season is approaching and we want to start preparing.  

  • See photos in the Gallery.

  • Please do not feed any animals on club property.

  • Please be sure to have your membership badge visible when on club property.  If you do not have your badge, you may be asked to leave by a member with a badge.  

  • S3DA Team Practices every Thursday at 5:00pm and 6:00pm


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